Alstroemeria in basket

The flower Alstroemeria first time was discovered in the 18th century. The Swedish botanist Baron von Alstromerius brought it to Europe. Alstroemeria became very popular for variety of colours and for long flowering even its cut.

Features of Alstroemeria in a basket 

Alstroemeria flower has many symbol interpretations. It symbolizes devotion, friendship, inspires the fulfilment and achievement of dreams. Alstroemeria can be the perfect gift for anyone.

Lily-like flowers are full of symbolism and carry different meanings. It are usually regarded as a symbol of purity, greatness and honour.

Having 6-8 flowers on a stem, alstroemeria gives harmony to any interior and can be an ideal choice in any occasion.

What do we offer?

Alstroemeria, matched with large roses and chrysanthemums or with gypsophila, have a classic look. Alstroemeria in a basket able to make a wedding flawless, unforgettable, and a unique.

Delivery cost of alstroemeria in a basket in Cyprus

The delivery cost of a basket of alstroemeria in Cyprus depends on the cost of the purchase, the place of delivery and packaging. We guarantee high standard of service, fast delivery to the office, house, hospital or church. A wide selection of floral arrangements and gifts for any occasion, sweets or souvenirs will make will give pleasant moments if you cannot there yourself. We guarantee fresh flowers, fast delivery and reasonable prices.

The benefits of delivering alstroemeria  a basket in Cyprus

We offer excellent service and a professional approach to each client, delivering flowers to any place, regardless of whether online delivery is planned for an office, hospital, church or private residence.

Flower delivery online provides an impressive assortment of gift baskets or floral arrangements that will delight every recipient regardless of gender or age.

Buy flowers online with delivery in Cyprus – easy way, for all occasions.

Our warranties:

– Always fresh flowers;

– As quickly as possible;

Live your life nicely it is not prohibited

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