Lily in bouquet

Features of lilies

Lilies – a symbol of tenderness and innocence. Is not surprise this flower revered in various religions of the world and still used to decorate the weddings? For some nations, the lily symbolize hope, for others, purity. Lily has long been a highly respected gift, clearly shows the pure love and joy.


Why our bouquets Lilies?

Lilies are very beautiful flower. This is wonderful, very decorative flowers are very popular. Lot of varieties of lilies available for florists (in nature, you can find several hundred). These are very easily to grow in different gardens, playing with colours and arrangements.


Lily flowers have a many colours – from white, various shades of yellow and cream, orange, pink to red and even dark brown. Lilies can be found in many interpretations. Lily – a great gift and a special decoration for the interior.


Why you need to order our bouquets of Lilies:

Buy a bouquet of lilies with delivery in Cyprus you can in our online store. Any orders you place with us will be processed promptly. In cooperation with our business partners from the delivery service, your order will complete in the shortest possible time. Our logistics is a great opportunity to deliver a bouquet of lilies in the right place at the right time.


How to order a bouquet of lilies in Cyprus

To order beautiful lilies, visit our website, select a bouquet, fill up information about the recipient and place the order.


Delivery price of lilies in Cyprus

The price of bouquets of lilies depends on the bouquet, packaging and destination of delivery. If you do not know which lilies bouquet to choose – please call us! Buy flowers from us with delivery with pleasure.

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