Lily in box

Feature of lilies in a box

Lily in a box is one of the original ways to express your feelings. This way of decorating flowers appeared quite recently – at the beginning of the last century. Then it symbolized special femininity and tenderness, resembling a small wardrobe accessory – a hat.


Our offers for a lily in a box

Over time, an interest in packing flowers in a box returned – this is not only attractive, but also allows the florist to ensure the freshness and safety of the packaged flowers much longer. This is especially convenient if you need to deliver flowers to a far away place. For a lily, a sufficient amount of moisture is very important. Lilies look especially beautiful in combination with other flowers, greenery or decorations. Lilies in a box give florists the opportunity to place a small souvenir or sweets along with flowers.


Why us:

We work with many suppliers around the world, therefore, our flowers are always of the best quality. Modern packaging and perfect logistics, guaranteed to customers receiving a gift at the right place and time.


How to order lilies in a box?

To order beautiful lilies, visit our website, select a bouquet, fill up information about the recipient and place the order.


How much order lilies in a box in Cyprus?

You can order lilies in a box online, without leaving your home and we will deliver it to any corner of Cyprus. The order price includes cost of bouquet, delivery and packaging. In case, if you need to urgently deliver a purchase or remote location from main cities, additional costs will be required.


Buy lilies in boxes with delivery and give someone some wonderful moments.


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