Tulips in bouquet

Bouquets of tulips the best gift!

Tulips appeared as wild flowers in Central Asia. From there it’s got to Turkey, where the tulips became one of the main symbols of the country. From there tulips spread around the world. And only in the 17th century did they come to the Netherlands, where people began to cultivate them on an industrial scale. The breeders began to compete with each other in growing and owning the best varieties of tulips. Prices for the most popular varieties were ten times higher than the annual income of an ordinary resident of the country. Tulips are still extremely popular and have become symbol of Netherlands. Tulips bloom in early spring and embody the arrival of spring. But now you don’t have to pay much – just order a bouquet of tulips in our online store in Cyprus.


What tulip bouquets do we offer?

We offer a wide selection of tulip bouquets for your loved one, mom, friend or colleague.


Need to deliver a bouquet urgently? We will help you. Our partners from the delivery service will quickly deliver the selected bouquet of tulips to most cities in Cyprus. If you want to give a little tenderness and love to your dear person, even if there is no opportunity to be near, we will gladly fulfil your desire.


Give fresh spring tenderness, give your love!


How to order tulips in a bouquet in Cyprus?

To order red, yellow or white tulips, visit our website, select the desired bouquet, fill up information about the recipient and place the order.


Tulips delivery price in Cyprus

The cost of delivery tulips in Cyprus in our online store is calculated individually and directly depends on:

– Selected bouquet;

– Packaging for a bouquet;

– Places of residence of the recipient of tulips and contact information.

We serve private customers and corporate customers. Become the reason of a wonderful mood for person dear to your heart.

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