A wide selection of colours provides great opportunities for using gerbera in floral arrangements. But not only colour determines its strength, its advantage is also a beautiful, classic shape. A distinctive feature of the classic varieties of gerbera is a simple, almost graphic form of inflorescence with a clear centre, consists of tubular flowers and symmetrically arranged lingual petals. Perhaps this simplicity made gerbera popular in many countries of the world. Every year Dutch breeders introduce the new sorts that differ from the classic gerbera. Do you want to surprise a loved one with a wonderful bouquet of gerberas and buy it with delivery?


What it is, gerbera?

Gerbera flower looks similar to asters or daisies. It’s seems like a flower basket consisting of many tubular flowers that former the inner “eye”. These flowers have a variety of colours, depending on the sort – dark brown, black, orange or light yellow. Gerbera blooms for a long time, even if it cut in a bouquet.


Gerbera is a plant with a high aesthetic value. Flowers symbolize the highest expression of respect and recognition, and also an ideal sign of attention. Gerberas can express different information depending on the colour. For example, red symbolizes love and deep feeling. Though their modesty, it can be an appropriate gift for a mother, brother, friend, colleague.


The biggest advantage of a gerbera is its long-lasting. With proper care, it stay fresh in the vase up to several weeks.


Our offers

Our online flower shop in Cyprus offers an attractive catalogue of gerbera bouquets from around the world. Magical flower arrangements with delivery is a wonderful gift, if you cannot make it is personally. You can buy flowers online with delivery around whole Cyprus. Our flower delivery in Cyprus is fast, safe, daily.


The price of flower delivery in Cyprus?

The cost of delivery flower bouquets in Cyprus includes:


– The price of bouquets of gerberas;


– The cost of packaging for flowers;


– Address of the recipient.


Our company is not responsible if:


–  No the recipient is at the specified address when order confirmed by the client;


– The client provided incorrect address information.


We will help you to give wonderful moments.

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