Tulips in box

Tulips in a box are the best gift!

Tulips are the undisputed leaders of early spring. They are gentle and airy. They are given to women as a token of love, to colleagues as a show of respect, to relatives and close to a significant day, or simply to bring a few pleasant minutes to a dear person.


What do we offer?

Our florists offer a wide selection of flowers and box shapes for every, even the most demanding client. You can add a small gift, sweets or a ring to box of tulips. This box of flowers actually can bring a big difference in your life.


How to order tulips in a box in Cyprus?

Now you can buy tulips in a box with delivery in Cyprus in our online store. We fulfil your order quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our partners from the delivery service, recipient will receive a purchase in the shortest time. Our logistics is an ideal opportunity to get a box with tulips where they are waiting for it.


How much tulips in a box with delivery in Cyprus?

The price of tulips in a box depends on the flower itself, packaging and destination. If you don’t know which tulips to choose, call us any time. Buying flowers with us is a pleasure.

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