Chrysanthemum in a box

Features of chrysanthemum in a box

Chrysanthemums appeared in Japan many years ago as a medicinal plant, and from where it’s was imported to Europe. Over the next several centuries, this flower got crazy popularity, as it was believed that chrysanthemums extend the life.


Order chrysanthemums in a box delivery

Nowadays chrysanthemums grown for decorative purposes. Many varieties of chrysanthemums were grown in imperial gardens, and from 1868 to 1912, chrysanthemum became the official symbol of the imperial family in Japan. Chrysanthemum in a box is a symbol of happiness and longevity in many countries of the world. Here you can buy a whole box of chrysanthemums with delivery to any corner in Cyprus. This is not usual, we can put next to the flowers some sweets or a small gift to a loved one or friend.


To order chrysanthemums in a box, you need to take several steps:

– go to our website;

– choose the product;

– fill up in information about the recipient and place an order.


Shipping cost of chrysanthemums in a box in Cyprus

Our florists will create a bouquet with the addition of different flowers: roses, lilies or greenery. The price of a box with chrysanthemums includes flowers, packaging, delivery cost, and the time required for delivery.


Benefits of delivering chrysanthemums in a box in Cyprus

Buy flowers in advance and save your money. Call us! We have good prices and a wide selection of fresh flowers. We offer a fast and comfortable flower delivery service in Cyprus.

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