Hydrangeas in basket

Which hydrangea is in the basket

Everyone loves flowers and especially hydrangea. Hydrangea is one of the most popular flowering bush in gardens, courtyards and balconies. It is distinguished by large white, pink or blue flowers that bloom throughout the summer and retain their decorative value, demonstration their petals for a very long time.


The natural colour of hydrangea flowers is pink or white. A flower arrangement created by the hands of a skilled florist, placed in a basket resembling a limitless flower meadow, can emphasize an important moment in your life. This bouquet is practical and simple at the same time. It will delight your eyes for a long time with its unique beauty and will become an incredible decoration in the house, suitable for a business meeting or dinner party.


Why order hydrangea in our basket?

We offer to buy a beautiful blooming gift and deliver where you need. We will help you better than others to choose a wonderful hydrangea basket, even if you need it urgently. Create a unique gift for a low price.


How to order hydrangea in a basket

To order flowers, you need to go to our website, select the desired hydrangea bouquet, fill out information about the recipient and place an order.


Hydrangea delivery price in a basket in Cyprus

The cost of delivering hydrangea bouquets in Cyprus is calculated individually based on:

– Prices for a selected bouquet;

– Packaging for a bouquet;

– Location of the recipient.

Present a piece of beauty to the world with us!

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