Rose in bouquet

Rose is one of the most popular flowering plant in the world. Ever since the Middle Ages, poets have glorified it in their poetry. Despite the passage of time, people continue to admire the beauty of these flowers. Most people who want to express their love give bouquets of roses.


What kind of bouquets of roses do we offer?

We offer roses of excellent quality, at the best price, with delivery to most cities of the country.


What does it mean to buy roses in a bouquet in Cyprus?

Bouquets of roses are not only a wonderful gift, but it also perfect decoration for any events, table decoration in restaurants or decoration of special occasions. Buy a bouquet of roses and order delivery to any place in Cyprus is a perfect gesture. We help you to be closer to yours beloved ones.


There is nothing more romantic than a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Red roses are a symbol of passion and romance, white roses are respect and fidelity. Classical elegance never goes out of style. Roses are classic flowers that match every occasion.


What do we offer for the delivery of bouquets of roses?

 A bouquet of roses is perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife or even a colleague. Our florists will prepare a beautiful arrangement that will leave no illusions that you care about your loved ones. We will deliver a bouquet of roses in the colour of your choice to the specified place. For a special occasion, order flowers online and surprise your loved ones with a unique gift.


How much to order a bouquet of roses in Cyprus?

Prices for bouquets of roses depend on the destination of delivery, time and the selected bouquet. We will deliver the bouquet fresh, if delivery take more than half hour we will use temporary vase with water.


How to buy a bouquet of roses in Cyprus?

Buy roses online quickly, safe and frugally. Visit our website, select the desired bouquet, fill up details about recipient and place the order. 

We deliver roses in bouquets, gifts and floral arrangements for many occasions: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, International Women’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, in sympathy or for any other reason. Now, from anywhere in the world, you can send gifts and roses to your loved ones.

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