Hyacints in bouquet

Early spring is the most popular time of hyacinths. Their large inflorescences and unique fragrant make them flowers that are difficult to resist.


Hyacinths: selling bouquets in Cyprus

The word “hyacinth” appeared 4000 years ago as a symbol blue colours. In ancient times, hyacinths grew over the wild eastern region of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, Iraq and Iran, in fact, were mostly have blue colours. Hyacinths have many meanings that vary greatly depending of colour. However, they talk about feelings – the gift of white hyacinths is a sign of sympathy, yellow is happy love, purple hyacinths can mean an apology.

Today, the most popular in the world is the Dutch hyacinth, with a fairly dense inflorescence. Hyacinth has the variety shapes and colours: pink, red, yellow, white, and purple. Buying such a magnificent bouquet of hyacinths in Cyprus with delivery it to any corner of country is not a myth, but a today reality that became possible with us.


Our offers for bouquets of hyacinth

While ordering flowers online in Cyprus with delivery, please don’t forget about a pleasant addition to the flowers, for example, favourite coffee, delicious sweets or just a postcard. All of this will be beautifully packed by our florist after receiving order. When you are away from your loved ones, order hyacinths online and for sure it will very pleasant things for everyone.


We are offers to buy hyacinths:

– For the beloved;

– For mother;

– For a colleague.


How to order hyacinths with delivery

Visit our website to order a bouquet of delicate hyacinths. Select a bouquet, fill up all information about the recipient and place the order.


How much hyacinth delivery cost?

The price of delivery of bouquets of hyacinths in Cyprus in our online store is calculated individually and directly depends on:

– The cost of the bouquet;

– Packaging for a bouquet;

– Place for delivery of hyacinths.

We are work with private and corporate customers. You can pay safely for flower delivery online directly on our website.

Give your beloved your tenderness.

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