Latin name of Eustoma “eustoma” literally translates as “beautiful mouth” or one who “speaks beautifully”. Eustoma flowers come in different colours: pink, purple, violet, white. They are good for cutting and have an attractive appearance and freshness for a long time in a bouquet.


What is eustoma and how to order it in Cyprus?

This is 2 years plant with thin leaves a cool-green, silver tint. The stems are thin and tough, ranging in height from 30 to 90 cm, each of which has from 6 to 8 flowers. The natural form is purple, but it exists in pink, blue, white, and sometimes even yellow, green or red colors and shades.

Eustoma flowers have a sophisticated and delicate appearance. The flower is also known as the Japanese rose, for a while it became the favourite flower of florists in decorating wedding bouquets. Eustoma was “born” in northern Mexico and from the southern United States, although she arrived in Europe through Japan. Eustoma is a very elegant “rose”, filled with the delicacy of peony, an anemone-like structure. This is a summer flower, but in floristry we can use it around the year.

The great advantage of eustoma it is not associated with a specific occasion or symbolism. These are flowers of universal application. They can appear in bouquets for any occasion – from wedding bouquets to funeral compositions. The main meaning of this flower is message of deep devotion to a person who receives them.


What do we offer? 

In our online store, we offer a wide selection of eustoma – purple, pink and white, with some multicolour varieties. When ordering eustoma flowers from an online store in Cyprus with delivery, you should not forget about a nice addition to flowers, for example, yourfavourite delicious sweets or just a card with message.

Being away from your beloved ones, order eustomas to make their day a pleasant.


How to order eustoma with delivery on Cyprus

To order a eustoma, go to our website, select a bouquet, fill in the information about the receiver and place an order.


How much does eustoma delivery cost on Cyprus? 

Delivery price of eustoma in Cyprus depends on:


– cost of eustoma flowers;

– packaging for eustoma;

– shipping address.

We work with both corporate and private customers. You can pay by cash or card at the florist or by using the online form on our website.

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