Tulips – the symbol of the season spring! Want to buy tulips in Cyprus for a special occasion? Welcome to our online shop.


Tulips: simple beauty

Bouquets of tulips the most popular in the world. They are suitable for many occasions. Flowers in many interesting colours and original shape, makes it possible to combine tulips with many other flowers and plants. Here in Cyprus you can find interesting arrangements and inspired ideas for different flower needs.

Tulips can be used in different ways – to decorate the table, as part of a bouquet for the bride, or as gift bouquet. Variety of colours tulips get a lot of ideas for florists to create bouquets and arrangements. Buy tulips for interior decoration or just a composition for a dear person is to bring light and a touch of delicate petals.


What do we offer?

Our online store in Cyprus offers to buy a naturally gift created by the masters of floristry and order delivery to any city in the country.

For our customers:

– Bouquets of white tulips for wedding gifts;

– Bouquets of yellow tulips for special occasions;

– Bouquets of red tulips as a manifestation of love to your loved one.

Anniversaries, birthdays and other family holidays are a great opportunity to share joy with family and friends. A traditional bouquet of multi-coloured tulips of different types will be a decoration. It will work fine in both formal and private meetings.

Flower delivery is a specific type of wishes providing in Cyprus. Our service is a great opportunity to send your congratulation. Our delivery service will quickly deliver the fresh flowers gift.


How to order tulips on Cyprus?

To order red, yellow or white tulips, go to our website, select the bouquet, fill up information about receiver and place the order.


Tulips delivery price in Cyprus

The cost of delivery of tulips in Cyprus in our online store is calculated individually and directly depends on:

– cost of bouquet;

– location of the receiver of the tulips and contact information.

Become a reason for smile on face your beloved ones

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