The history of the origin the name of this original ornamental plant is undoubtedly romantic. In 1768, during a trip by sea to the Far East, a young French girl dressed as a boy appeared on a ship. Her name was Hydrangea. Later she became the wife one of the expedition members. The flower was named after her of this young, brave lady.


What is hydrangea?

The Latin name comes from the word “hydrangea”, which means a container for water, so hydrangea often called a flower of water.


The first hydrangea specimens were imported from Japan in 1970. Hydrangea quickly spread to gardens throughout Europe.


Garden hydrangea – has the greatest variety of colours. The most popular white hydrangea. But in our online store we have bouquets with hydrangeas in different colours, collected from around the world.


Why us?

If you want to surprise or make a present for an important person, order flower delivery in Cyprus online, our advantages:

– Professional florists;

– have flowers in stock;

– daily delivery any time of the day.


All you have to do is order online and the beautiful flowers will be deliver anywhere in Cyprus. Thereby the experience of florists, you can get flower arrangement with hydrangea that will become an elegant addition and give the recipient a good mood and feeling of celebrating.


When you planning a family vacation, visit our website flower delivery in Cyprus. For anniversary of the wedding of parents, our florists create arrangements and baskets for such important celebrations and use only fresh flowers to decorate the premises and provide an unusual atmosphere. The original combination of colours in the bouquet makes it amazing and, undoubtedly, makes mood of the holder of such a gift an excellent. Just a flowers, and the celebrating anniversary will be unforgettable.


Our online store in Cyprus offers to buy an impeccable bouquet or hydrangeas basket, created by the hands of masters of floristry, with delivery. A bouquet of hydrangea will be a decoration of any event.


Flower delivery is a transfer of wishes in Cyprus. This is an opportunity to convey your congratulations no matter where the addressee is located. Our delivery service will quickly deliver the gift fresh and unscathed.


How to order hydrangea?

To order flowers, go to our website, select the desired hydrangeas bouquet, fill up recipient information and place the order.


Flower delivery in Cyprus

The cost of delivery hydrangea bouquet in Cyprus calculated individually based on:


– price for the selected bouquet;


– packaging for a bouquet;


– location of the recipient.


Give a piece of beauty to the world.

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