Lilies are known to people from ancient times. The Greeks and Romans decorated the heads of brides with wreaths of lilies. Lilies symbolize purity and a fulfilled life. In Christian culture, this flower has always meant love and innocence. Legend says that the white lily is made from the milk of the goddess Hera. For the ancient Romans, lily meant hope. But today lilies have many flowers. They are indispensable in bouquets and baskets. People enjoy and give lilies to their beloved.

Feature lilies

The lily flower is especially important in many countries of the world, for example, in France since 1179 it appears on the coat of arms of the French royal families or in America, the lily has become a national symbol of hope. Due to the immaculate white colour of lilies, they are called the colours of the Blessed Virgin Mary and symbolize purity, innocence and love.

Our offers

Lilies are flowers that can change the atmosphere, giving it a radiance and a pleasant rich unique aroma. Each stem has several flowers that constantly open. Therefore this bouquet every day becomes more and more elegant. You can add to the bouquet gritting card with wishes. Bouquets of lilies, created by our florists, are the freshest flowers of the colour that you like. If you have a family holiday – this is a great opportunity to share joy. A bouquet of lilies – the perfect decoration for any occasion. Lily delivery is a transfer of your respect or wishes in Cyprus. Our service is an opportunity to convey your greetings, regardless of where the recipient is. The delivery service will send the gift fast with guarantee of freshness. Our company is the best flower delivery in Cyprus!

Why us:

We work with best suppliers in country, so our flowers are always of the highest quality. Using modern packaging methods and logistics, we guarantee our customers will receive a gift at the right time and place.

How to order lilies

To order beautiful lilies, you need to go to our website, choose a bouquet, fill up the recipient information and place an order.


The cost of shipping lilies in Cyprus

The cost of delivery of lilies in our online store is calculated individually and directly depends of direction and time of delivery. Our services for private and corporate customers. You can pay for flower on delivery or online.

Send a lilies bouquet.

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