Alstroemeria in bouquet

Alstroemeria is a perennial flower with delicate petals. The second name is “Peruvian Lily”. It loves a lot of water and is odourless. Alstroemeria flowers are so interesting and diverse, these are often compared with orchids. Some flowers looks as someone specially painted the petals with rich multi-coloured strokes.


Alstroemeria features in the bouquet

Alstroemeria flower symbolizes wealth, prosperity and light. Alstroemeria flowers bloom in late spring or early summer. Alstroemeria has orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, white or salmon colour.

Alstroemeria is named after the Swedish botanist Claus von Alstroemeria, a scientist who developed Linnei’s great botanical classifier. Alstroemeria genus consists of about 50 species. Alstroemeria flowers have no flavour, no smell. This flower has long become an integral part of the bouquets of many florists and is used as an addition or as an independent flower.


What do we offer?

You can always find alstroemeria, it is suitable not only for a gift, but also bring to your home colours thanks to a wide range of available combinations.


Choose your favourite bouquet of alstromeria for a dear person and order delivery in Cyprus to attract attention and give pleasant minutes. Low prices and fast delivery will make your purchase even more enjoyable.


The cost of shipping Alstroemeria in Cyprus

The price of delivery of Alstroemeria in Cyprus in a bouquet in our online store is calculated individually and directly depends on the bouquet, package, and address of recipient.


The benefits of delivering Alstroemeria in a bouquet in Cyprus

Alstroemeria is a fragile flower that pleases in bouquets with all the colours of a summer sunset, with multi-coloured petals and green leaves. Our florists will create an exquisite bouquet from added some of roses, lilies, greenery and other flowers. The bouquet of Alstroemeria includes the bouquet of flowers, its packaging, the cost of delivery to the recipient, as well as the time required for delivery. Take care of the flower gift in advance and save your money. If you need more information and details call us any time! We have low prices.


Flowers delivery in Cyprus is always the right decision.

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