Chrysanthemums have long been known. The first mention of them comes from the five hundredth year before Christ. Confucius the great Chinese philosopher and scholar, recalls chrysanthemums in his stories.


Features of chrysanthemum on delivery 

From China, seedlings came to Korea and then to Japan. In Japan, they planted in the imperial court for very important people in the country.  After this chrysanthemum became the flower of the imperial family, then became the emblem of the empire.

Chinese were confident that the chrysanthemum can provide immortality or longevity. In eastern culture, these flowers were also a symbol of durability and perseverance. The Japanese especially love this plant, which after sakura blossom is one of the most important national symbols of this country. Interestingly, the Japanese emperor had a seal in the shape of a chrysanthemum.

Today, you can buy a bouquet of chrysanthemums in Cyprus and deliver it to any corner of the country.


Order Chrysanthemums with delivery

A beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums, ordered with delivery to a restaurant or cafe, can create a miracle and immerse in the unusual atmosphere of warm emotions. Bright shades of flowers symbolize youth and delicacy. If someone wants to express their hot feelings, bright red flowers will be the perfect choice. For any occasion, we offer to buy a lot of arrangements or individual orders of chrysanthemums.


Ordering flowers online in Cyprus with delivery is an ideal option for everyone.


To order a bouquet of chrysanthemums, you need to take a few steps: 


– go to our site;


– select the bouquet;


– fill up information about the receiver and contact details and place an order.


The cost of delivery of chrysanthemums in Cyprus


The price of delivery of chrysanthemums in Cyprus in our online store is calculated individually and directly depends on:


– cost of the bouquet;


– special packaging for a bouquet;


– the location of the recipient of chrysanthemums.


The benefits of flower delivery in Cyprus

We offer excellent service and professional approach to each client, delivering flowers to any place, regarding customer wishes. Office, private house, apartment, hospital, church, restaurant and etc. Our courier deliver everywhere.

Flower delivery by our online-shop provides an impressive assortment of chrysanthemum gift baskets, flower arrangements that will delight every recipient, regardless of gender or age.

Flowers delivery online guarantees beautiful and fresh bouquets – this is a universal offer suitable for all occasions. Give a little bit of beauty.

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