Flowers in box

The idea of ​​creating flower arrangements in boxes popular some last years. And, as it turned out this is a convenient and up-to-date method of delivery. Especially if the flowers need to be transported over long distances and many hours. The flowers in the boxes retain freshness, form, and it is very attractive.

From year to year, flowers in boxes ordered as a sign of friendship, love or simply as a sign of respect and devotion. Flowers in boxes is a change in the concept of the philosophy of flowers. Do you want to order flowers in a box with delivery?

Features flower delivery in a box Cyprus

Back in the beginning of the last century, hats were an integral part of the female image. Usually, women even had several hats. They were all kept in luxurious decorative boxes. It is the reproduction of this tradition in the female image that has become an opportunity to emphasize the uniqueness and luxury of a beautiful lady.

Now our florists have a wide range of flowers that are attractively packaged in creative packaging. Flowers in boxes are unique positive emotions for a dear person.


Flowers arrangements in the boxes have their advantages:

– Easy to transport, especially over long distances;

– Retains the water in special floral foam for keeping freshness long time

– Successfully emphasize the refined look of bouquets of flowers;

– Flowers can be packaged with a gift.

Why us ? 

Our company is a team of professional florists who love their work and can give you unique positive emotions from flowers even in a small bouquet. Thanks to our partners and excellent logistics, we guarantee fast delivery around Cyprus.


Where to buy flowers in a box (Cyprus)? 

You can buy a luxurious bouquet of flowers in a box in our online store in Cyprus. We guarantee fast delivery and impeccable service for every taste. We will be able to make your purchase pleasant under any circumstances.

To order the delivery of flowers in Cyprus, you need: 

– Go to our site;

– Select the desired product;

– Provide your contact information and recipient;

– Valid purchase.

You can pay by cash at the florist or by using the online form on our website.

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